Blómey frá Búð IS2008286441
Very beautiful and promising competition mare for 4 gait and breeding.

F. Gáski frá Álfhólum
Ff. Geisli frá Sælukoti
Fm. Gáska frá Álfhólum

M. Búðar-Rauð frá Búð
Mf.Lávarður frá Húsatóftum
Mm. Stjarna yngri frá Búð

Blómey is an eye catcher, with her beautiful flashy color and light conformation with good neck.

She is open 4 gaiter with easy and clear gates, high movements in tölt, good extension in trot and gallop.  Very good speedrange as well, easy to let her tölt slowly and she can go very fast and takes big steps in both tölt and trot.

Blómey is really friendly and happy horse, easy to catch and never stressed when working around her.  She is also very used to all kind of traffic, cause she has been ridden in the traffic in Reykjavík for the last 2 winters!

She is light on reins, willingful and controlable, likes to please the rider and she fits for average riders.

Blómey has mostly been in free ride but since she came to us at Álfhólar ca 1 month ago, we have thought her little about dressage and other educate that is suitable for competition horse to know.   

Blómey has lot of good quality from her grandmother Gáska who is one of our most successful breedingmares here in Álfhólar and therefor we think she can also be very good for breeding.

It is also possible to cover her before transport, and indeed this could be the perfect mare to fit for the grate leg action stallion Þrumufleygur who is covering mares here in Álfhólar this summer! 

Fantastic horse for fair price, check out the video below.

Flettingar í dag: 429
Gestir í dag: 76
Flettingar í gær: 689
Gestir í gær: 66
Samtals flettingar: 875671
Samtals gestir: 55519
Tölur uppfærðar: 28.11.2023 17:10:12

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