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Hugleikur frá Fossi IS2002188730
Chestnut with a blaze! 

  Amazing Tölter with great gaits. High class horse! Great Character. 

Slow tölt



Hugleikur on Ice with Hrefna María 2012!

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F. Stjarni frá Dalsmynni (8,40)

Ff. Orri frá Þúfu (honor prize for offspring)
Fm. Hátið frá Hrepphólum (7,53)
Fmm. Hrafn frá Holtsmúla (honor stallion for offspring)

M. Stóra-Stjarna frá Ormsstöðum (7,91 - 3 offsprings in 1st prize)

Mf. Hrafn frá Holtsmúla ( honor stallion for offspring)
Mm. Spóla frá Votmúla (8,01)


Hugleikur is a big and handsome gelding with lot of main and tail. he is strongly build with good feet and hooves. 

The best thing with Hugleikur is the clearness of the Tölt, his tölt is great very smooth nice and clear, not Trotty not pacy, just amazing tölt with good slow tölt and great fast tölt and speed changes are just like drinking water for him ... no problem!

The trot is good too, good suspension and easy to form. Gallop is very high and good. Walk is long and relaxed under all circumstances.

Hugleikur is a highly educated horse, that knows all basic dressage exercises and they work well on him to soften him up. He has really soft and good neckband so he is rather light on the rains and carries him self nicely.

His character is sweet. Hi is super calm and nice to handle in all way. He has nice willingness and is very controllable, maybe not for total beginner but would fit very well for young rider and ambitious hobby rider and ambitious senior rider for sure!!

Hugleikur is a high quality horse that everyone loves. He has something with him, he has the charm and people notice him far away there is just something about him.... I think it is the smootheness in his movements and the amazing Tölt that everyone loves ;)

Hugleikur has some competition experience since he was younger but has been owned by a woman that is a hobby rider and does not compete so much last 4 years. But he has scored over 6,50 both in Tölt and 4 gait. 

Price E


Frábær 4 gangari til sölu. Hugleikur er skemmtilega viljugur vel gengur hestur. Hans eðli er að ganga á silki mjúku tölti. Hann er mjög rúmur og auðvelt með hraðabreytingar. Hinar gangtegundirar eru líka góðar. Hugleikur er traustur og skemmtilegur hestur sem gaman er að sitja. Góður og myndarlegur hestur.  

Verðflokkur E

More video coming :) 

Video taken in March 2012:

Flettingar í dag: 1090
Gestir í dag: 153
Flettingar í gær: 2895
Gestir í gær: 453
Samtals flettingar: 1179045
Samtals gestir: 78139
Tölur uppfærðar: 19.7.2024 13:18:44

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