Vaka frá Margrétarhofi -

Vaka frá Margrétarhofi IS2003201036   

Very good competition mare for sale. 

Super Tölt!!

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F. Rökkvi frá Hárlaugsstöðum (8,34)
Ff. Otur frá Sauðárkróki (honor stallion for offsprings)
Fm. Snegla frá Hala (8,19)
Fmf. Þokki frá Garði (honor stallion for offsprings)

M. Hrefna frá Austvaðsholti (8,03 - 9 for Tölt)
Mf. Platon frá Sauðárkróki (8,08)
Mm. Aldís frá Hveragerði (7,53)

---Athugið vel ætt þessara hryssu!----
----Please check out her pedigree!----

BLUB 108


Vaka is my (Hrefna María) all time favorite mare. She has been my competition horse now for some time and I like her ALLOT. Because of special reasons she is now for sale (would never been otherwise). 

Vaka is first and foremost a super Tölt competition horse. She has amazing speed range and can go amazingly fast with great movements and clear beat on Tölt. The slow tölt is good also very clean and clear beated with good movements and stillness. She has good balance is speed changes and is quick up and nice to slow down. 

She is though 4 gaited with good trot and canter but walk is okei. She has scored high in Tölt competition (7 in preshow and over  it in finals) and would be nice in 4 gait also. 

Vaka is very well ridden and is highly educated in dressage. She is super soft on the rains and very obediant. She is really nice to train and you are always having fun when you train Vaka, she is always positive and nice. She is though not for beginners because she is full of power!!  

She is always ready to go forward, if you give her the sign she takes it. I call her my little "Duracell Bunny" she would never ever give up which is very good quality especially when you are riding hard finals and you need to have the willingness to finish the speed tölt. Normally she is the best the last rounds then she is getting into the groove!

Vaka has very good pedigree, she is the daughter of Rökkvi from Hárlaugsstaðir who is a multiply winner in Tölt competition. 

Rökkvi is a one of a kind horse! Got 10 for speed tölt many times in sport. 

Her mother Hrefna is a very good horse. She has received 9 for tölt and was on Landsmót 2002. 

Hrefna was a fantastic mare on gaits and has a really good character. Her tölt was outstanding! I know the trainer of Hrefna and he told me that she was his favorite. 

Vaka has a wonderful character is really nice to handle around the stable, is very tame and loving mare. (Of course she is my favorite and I have spoiled her with candy and hugs). 




Top tölt hryssa til sölu. Viljug og ekki fyrir óvana. Frábærlega þjál og skemmtileg. 


Here is from Mars 2011 on Icetölt:

Untitled from Hrefna María on Vimeo.

And here is a video of her in September 2011. She is little bit to fat and is getting the winter hairs on :) 

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Flettingar í gær: 2895
Gestir í gær: 453
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