Sprengigígur frá Álfhólum
IS2007184672 Chestnut w blaze

Top Fivegaiter!

F. Glymur frá Skeljabrekku (8.38)
M. Gýgur frá Ásunnarstöðum

Sprengigígur has been one of Sara´s faworite horse in her stable last two years and he has been trained with lot of love.
He is very good competition horse in 5 gait and has already got 6.57 in F2 last year and 6.47 in Masterclass five gait, F1 now in summer.  Also is there a possibility to do good with him in PP1, Gæðingaskeið.

Sprengigígur is willingful but not hard to control for orginal riders and is very easy to take down to pace. He is usually ridden and train with a snaffle bit as you see on the videos.  

He is well built and with lot of muscle, long neck, lot of mane and very big, 145 cm.

Before Sara took him for training for herself, he was trained one year by a young rider who was working at Álfhólar and was her first real 5 gaited horse to work with.  They did compet together with fine results compare they where both young and new on the track, she had no experience with 5 gaiter and he had never been on a track.

Like mentioned in beginning, Sprengigígur has been training with lot of love and he has been high educated in all kind of dressage, going to sides, shoulder in (walk and tölt), shoulder out (walk), turning around forehand and backhand.  It is really fun to work with him in dressage and he is quick learner and willing to work.

Sprengigígur is a charming horse and has very high movements in all gates and this is a horse to notist when you see him coming!

Sara speaks straight about Sprengigígur:

"If I would have the time and passion to aim for the top in 5 gait I would really think of not selling Sprengigígur cause he has so lot to give.  He has grate tölt (scoring about 7.5 when doing best on the track, but I´m sure when he will be as grate there as at home he can go higher) and very easy pace ( is scoring about 7 and can just been better with more focus on doing everything right), he has never failed to pace this few time I compete with him, and pace riding is not my greatest passion with horse riding ;)  So he is at moment scoring highest for the most expensive gaits, tölt and pace!

Last month he has improved a lot with walk and gallop.  He has nice walk from nature, he sometimes got too exiting on the track but after I gave me time in the summer to work more with him on the track, it has became much better.

But it takes lot of time to be mommy of an active 2 year old boy and having lot of project to work with, therefor I am not very minded to be on the track at this point and this treasure really deserve to become owned of a ambitious rider that is aiming for the top and enjoy to be shining on the track!

Most of all Sprengigígur is really grate horse to take for a ride, powerful and fun, and when you have find the right rhythm together you have the feeling that you are flying together in all gaits.  He is well built and with lot of muscle, long neck, lot of mane and very big, 145 cm.
Feel free to send me message to ask more about this loving horse. He is much more worth than he actually costs"

Priceclass E

Check out the videos below, you can even take a ride there on Sprengigígur just with a one hand!

For further information, contact Sara 
+354 8988048
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Competition in June 2015, Masterclass 5 gait.


Short video since middle of July 2015.        

Here you can take a ride with one hand, made in January 2015.

Spring 2014
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