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Mæja frá Litla-Moshvoli IS2004284992  
Red dun

Promising 4-gait breeding or competition mare! 

-Covered with the amazing Framherja frá Flagbjarnarholti-

Head 7.5
Neck-Withers-Shoulders 7.5
Back and Croup 7.5
Proportions 7.5
Legs (quality) 7.5
Legs (joints) 7
Hooves 8.5
Mane and Tail 7
Conformation 7.59
Ridden abilities
Tölt 8.5
Trot 8
Pace 5
Gallop 8
Spirit 8.5
General impression 8.5
Walk 7
Rideability 7.84
Slow tölt 8
Canter 7
Total 7.74

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F. Sær frá Bakkakoti (honor stallion for offspring).
Ff. Orri frá Þúfu (honor stallion for offsprings)
Fm. Sæla frá Gerðum (8,11)
Fmf. Ófeigur frá Flugumýri

M. Mjallhvít frá Stokkhólma
Mf. Fjalar frá Hafsteinsstöðum (7,76)
Mff. Hrafn frá Holtsmúla (8,56)
Mm. Stokkh.Grána frá Stokkhólma
Mmf. Rauður frá Kolkósi (7,76)


 Mæja is a really talented young mare. She is rather big (1,42 on shoulders) and strong mare. Her character is absolutely amazing. She is so sweet and calm to be around in the stable and around other horses. She is really safe to ride and not afraid of anything in the environment (f.ex. cars, bicycles, runners). Mæja is easy to control but she is willing full and has a lot of power to work with.  

I feel that Mæja is an old soul in the body of young mare, so mature and happy horse. She likes humans and never says no to anything you ask of her. 

Her gaits are good. Her tölt is clear beated and has huge speed range. She carries her self well on slow tölt and it is very easy to keep her on the right speed and you can increase the speed easily and slow down in rather fine collection. Her trot is always getting stronger and stronger everyday, she has good speed range on it and good suspension. She knows how to form her self right on trot (get low and take light contact to the rains).  Canter is fine and rather 3 beated and just as trot it is always getting stronger and stronger, speed gallop is really good in Mæja. Walk is fine but she needs to be trained more on it. 

Mæja is really fun to work with both inside a riding hall /paddock and outside. She knows most of the dressage exercises and she knows how to take the right contact on rains and walk into the right shape. She reacts to aids well and listens well to the rider. She is calm to sit on and not a stressed horse even though she has this power. 

Mæja comes from a very interesting breeding line. She is the daughter of the amazing stallion Sær from Bakkakot (son of Orri and Sæla) who has given many outstanding offspring's and he has the honor prize for them, the youngest stallion here in Iceland to get it for offsprings. Her mother side is just as interesting (in my opinion). She comes from a old breeding line called "Stokkhólami" which has their roots mostly coming from Kolkós and other great bloodlines like Hrafn from Holtsmúla. 

Mæja is a very "ownable" mare both for breeding and competition. I think she can score pretty highly in Tölt and 4 gait in the future. Also I think she has good qualities that a breeding mare should have, like character, willingness, gaits, long neck, good size, nice legs and of course great color. 

No one will be betrayed of my Mæja, because she will always give her all best she owns. 

Competition score:
In one of her first competition in her life she scored 6,70 in TÖLT and 6,10 in 4 gait (the 4 gait show had some beginners fails). 

Mæja has been covered this summer 2012 with the amazing stallion and the 4 gait star of Lansmót 2012 Framherji from Flagbjarnarholti!!! The most exciting stallion in Iceland now!

HERE can you see a Video of him only as a 4 year old !!

and HERE from Landsmót 2012 in 5 year old stallions!

Framherji is the future competition horse with Hinrik Bragason at Árbakki and they aim very high in 4 gait competitions :) He is the son of the great Hágangur from Narfastöðum who is the son of the legendary Glampi from Vatnsleysu and a 1st price Orri's daughter.  

Framherji is the son of Surtsey from Feti a legendary mare here in Iceland in breeding show and competition, known for high action and great tölt :) She comes from an Elite breeding line in FET. 

Price is very fair you might be surprised send us an email:
ALFHOLAR@ALFHOLAR.IS or contact us by tel. +354-8611218

VIDEO taken in August 2010:
Notice that her right is number is IS2004286992.

And on Vimeo.com: 


Flettingar í dag: 733
Gestir í dag: 45
Flettingar í gær: 761
Gestir í gær: 63
Samtals flettingar: 514129
Samtals gestir: 15727
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